Saturday, April 22, 2017

Trentham Estate (Trentham NSW) 04/2017

This place, as with many vineyard restaurants, has a beautiful setting with pedicured lawns running down to the the banks of the Murray river

and, of course, sustainably farmed Murray Cod is on the menu. 
There is a short drive from the road to the car park before one gets a choice of Cellar door or restaurant.

They have simple, unadorned bare wooden tables, especially suited to some of their youngest clients,
and a wall of windows looking over a patio dining area and the river.

Skye on the left, looked after me admirably.
and also took my photo!
I started with tempura prawns as an entree. ($18)

It was a prawn salad with masses of rocket, tomato, avocado and mayo keeping half a dozen nice sized prawns company. The batter was light and no too fatty and the prawns not at all overcooked.
For  a main course I had the Cod. ($35)
It was a nice size fillet served with a slice of lemon on a generous bed of asparagus, at least a dozen spears, with a beaut fennel and orange salad and some decorative strips of cucumber. This is an extremely delicate fish, both in texture and in taste. Cooked well it's superb and this was.
I enjoyed a glass of the Family Vermentino $7 a glass but $16 a bottle at the cellar door
before moving to the adjacent tasting room where I easily spent four times the price
of the meal on a dozen bottles of port and muscat.
This is a family friendly cafe style restaurant serving very good quality meals, simply presented in a gorgeous setting.
Score 14/20

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