Saturday, December 06, 2008


A newcomer at 165 Fitzroy St. St, Kilda offering street side dining as well a large restaurant split between a back room with bankettes

and larger tables and a front area split by a large chinese style room divider. The decor is simple and pleasantly Chinese too

We had the $70 banquet which was fairly typical of meals of this type. The entree is a choice between a seafood san chao bua

or a spinach egg soup

which were both very nice without being exceptional. This was followed by a serve of three dumplings - prawn, crab meat and prawn with chives,

delicate and very freshA request for no chilli with the spicy calamari was promised to be no problem but was forgotten and arrived replete with chilli!
This was followes by a rather dry deep fried fish in batter which would have been much better steamed,

The next dish described as steak with Chinese sauce was a large slab of meat, lacking any of the delicacy usually associated with Chinese dishes

A very fresh prawn dish with candied walnuts and snow peas was particularly good

The accompanying Singapore noodles were unusual agin being broad flat noodles the name of the dish deriving from the sauce.

The dessert was an exceptional custard tart.

Comments : A bit patchy with some very good dishes. The service was very willing but haphazard with special requests being forgotten.
Score: 14/20

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