Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Sapphire (Newcastle, NSW) 08/10/2018

We don't often go to Indian restaurants because Sandra has a sensitivity to chili, perhaps even an allergy, but arriving in Newcastle alone at dinner time after only a scanty snack  on the plane I was happy to take the opportunity to try Newcastle's reputedly best home style Indian cuisine. 
Sapphire, a precious gemstone, often worn by Royalty, especially the brilliant blue as seen in Kate Middleton's wedding ring, found in Eastern Australia, Sri Lanka, North Africa, Madagascar and a few other places including Thailand Vietnam, China but rarely does India get a mention! Did you notice it's spelt with two p's?
On a corner with windows looking out onto the street, 
there was no problem getting a table. The place is simply furnished, 

tables have, easy to clean, plastic cloths and comfortable soft high backed chairs.
There is a bar as you enter but 

BYO is fine too.
Before anything crisp papadams were served with a mint sauce.

If there was a problem it was due to the extensive menu.Chicken 65 looked intriguing - supposedly chicken in 65 spices. Not too hot that looked like the place to start.

Probably there were eight or even 10 spices but they were indistinguishable and unidentifiable. (I might add that the average reader probably knows more about Indian food than I do!) Regardless it was very pleasing, quite a big serve and hard to stop eating but there were other things I wanted to try.
They had a lot of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free meals but the goat dishes (with bones) looked appealing and I settled on Khadai goat. 
It was full of ribs, surely cooked for hours  to make the meat so tender. It was a fine dish, quite mild and, with a great bowl of Basmati rice, 

and more mint sauce.  I loved it.
I had a mango khulfi for dessert at a ridiculous price $4.50
Comments: Would I come back again? You betcha 
Score: 14.5/20