Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Navi                           Yarraville

I dont recall how I came across this little restaurant months ago but Whenever I tried to get a reservation it was always booked out, even months ahead. Without much hope I put myself down on a waitlist for a few dates. A week or two later an email informed me we had a table for four the next night.

We arrived punctually at this small restaurant with room for about 25 guests and chose the eight course menu ($150) 
The following pictures of the dishes and the menu are a challenge to recognize just what picture was what menu item. Try it!


black garlic, salmon roe macaron

After a week I can't remember BUT The meal was astonishing.. Food porn if you like as far as presentation because the dishes were good to look at, but the impressive thing was the flavours.  Without analysing any particular dish, from the start to the end it was a a symphony of unusual matching tastes created by unexpected combinations. 
Definitely a restaurant for 'foodies' 

koji beetroot, macadamia

mushrooms, rye, artichoke

lamb prosciutto, anchovy, fingerlime

roasted cuttlefish, celery

A palate cleanser


smoked rainbow trout

riberries, chicken skin


southern rock lobster

celeriac, sorrel, burnt butter


wattleseed, sourdough


murray cod

mussels, linseed, nasturtium


rabbit, brassica

pine mushrooms


elements of cornfed duck

moyarra reserve

quandong, honey, bee pollen


mandarin, white chocolate



quince, stout




tamarillo, yuzu tart

rhubarb, rose, chocolate

Score:17 /20