Monday, October 31, 2016

25 (South Yarra) 10/2016

This place looks quite elegant and their internet site suggests that they are a cut above the average. (And so do their prices)

On the night we ate there we found a few problems. the waiters were abrupt, snatching away the menus, and, on the other hand, over familiar, putting a hand on one of the guests shoulders as though he were a friend. Not a good start.
they have a pleasant salad.

An entree of snails in a pastry covered pot with tarragon and garlic in a white sauce

was unusual and very nice.
Scallops, all four of them, 

with a cauliflower puree were very ordinary.
This king fish carpaccio with lemon dressing was good.

Main courses left a lot to be desired.

Confit of Duck with kipfler potatoes, orange sauce $36

was dry and stringy.

Ottolenghi style crispy pork belly with star anis & citrus sauce $36 was also desperately over cooked and missed the rich fat that makes this so tasty.

Lamb chops. Probably the best of what we ate.

Nothing like overcooked fish!
Desserts were rather good.
Pear Tarte Tatin

ticked all the boxes for me, 
but the souffle was a bit too sweet.

 In all I found this experience extremely disappointing.
Score:13 /20

Yet Another Vue Melbourne CBD) 10/20

Words fail me. This was one of the most outstanding meals we have ever eaten. The emphasis is now on the food. The menu is extremely creative, original and interesting. Local products are used in original ways. Tastes and flavours are matched and we were continually and very positively stimulated. The theatrical aspects that characterized meals here have been dropped in favour of concentrated quality. 
As far as I can recall this is what we had. Everything was excellent but what stood out, for me, was the sea urchin, a dish I would normally avoid like the plague - it was actually served with kohlrabi linguini. It is a brilliant innovation.

SUNDAY 23TH October 2016

Chefs Tasting menu

Pickled quail egg and wild garlic
Grilled heirloom carrots basted with native lemon aspen
Flinders Island wallaby with rock melon and fennel
Moonlight flat rusty wire oyster with lemon myrtle,
Mooloolaba saucer scallops with nashi pear and lime,
Blue mussels with wild sorrel and apple
Sea Urchin with spring purple cauliflower and lavender
King green prawns with coriander, spring onion and a jasmine flower vinaigrette

King green snag sizzle with seaweed mustard and onions
King green prawn head with spicy lime butter

Mark Eather squid glazed in nettles with white asparagus and dill
Jonella farm asparagus cooked in paperbark with Tasmania mountain pepper and a egg yolk puree

Flinders Island milk-fed lamb with macadamia nut and sour onions

Kingfish with wood sorrel, roses and a roasted crocodile broth
Lots of truffles on this dish too!
Followed by a palate cleanser
Davidson plum sorbet with sorrel and flowers

David Blackmore wagyu with broad beans and radishes
Trolley of cheese

Chocolate soufflé with crème analgise, we also had a choice of raspberry soufflé
We also drank a little champagne,
and light wine.
Score: 19/20