Friday, April 01, 2022

Potsticker Revisited

There have been at least five restaurants on this busy corner diagonally opposite Caulfield Park that have failed to before Potsticker showed the way. It has changed hands since Eric Wong refurbished the place with a central pool featuring an ever flowering Cherry blossom in lights. 
It's got a lot of style for a suburban restaurant.
Looking back I see that we've reviewed Potsicker in 2011 and 2013 and eaten here on at least 15 other occasions.
The simple reason is that it's consistently good. Good atmosphere, good service and good food. Modest wine list and modest prices. 
Back in 2015 the AGF gave them 13.5/20 but by 2019, when a restaurant needed 14/20 to get a mention they didn't get a mention. 
They should have.
Last week we had their Lobster Banquet. ($93)

A dish of prawn crackers before we looked at the menu was nice.
The banquet started with a good size chicken and corn soup 

followed by a crab claw with a stick of sugar cane replacing the usual decorative  crab claw,
 and then a seafood san chao bao. 

All pleasant well prepared dishes.
Two pieces of Peking duck were served separately.
before the lobster in a ginger and shallot sauce accompanied by special fried rice.
Wok sauteed tenderloin beef with black truffle was the last main served with their special fried rice.
Finally a dessert.
Mango pudding.
Tea was served, the pot over a burning candle, towards the end of the meal
This is not haute cuisine but every dish was pleasing. Good sized serves left us very content.
We'll be back again and again.

Score:14 /20