Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Framework & Marking Guide

Mark /20
Unsurpassingly Excellent >18
Excellent 17-18
Very Good 15-16.5
Worth a Visit 13-14.5
Not Very Good 11-12.5
Poor Pick a number

Looking forward to lots of reviews and comments

Elliot Rubinstein

Saturday, May 21, 2005


From: "David Lam" www.momorestaurant.com.au
115 Collins St
North Africa/Middle East
Intro: Located at the "Paris" end of Collins St - we came with high expectations. The restaurant is located in the basement, but the decor adds quite a lot to the ambience.
Service: Hard to fault
Food: A degustation menu is available for $90pp, however you don't know whatyou are going to get, even on the night. Entrees in the $20's and mains$30's. Rather expensive for what you get. Food is typical Middle Easternfare - nothing special.
Comment: We were disappointed on the day by the uninspiring food. David Lam
Comments: I have been to Momo's 3 or 4 times since Greg Malouf took over the kitchen. Altho I am not a great fan of Middle Eastern food but think Momo does it as well as any Melbourne restaurant and better than most. It is not quite so expensive for owners of The Entertainment book! ER

Score: 12/20

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Melba Brasserie Revisited

Service: Somewhat impersonal service does not detract in this very pleasant venue
Food: I really cannot recommend the smorgasbord unless you want to pig out on oysters, prawns and crabs. Although the

Peking Duck and the pasta dishes are very good the main courses sit too long and are tired and totally lack distinction.
The a la carte menu is much better. I could not resist the delicate tian of crab avocado and salmon roe - a super entree. The sirloin with a rich slightly lemony Bernaise sauce was as good a steak as I can remember!
Wine: You can drink cheap or expensive as you wish

Price: About $120 for two

Comments: A place to go if you want to be able to talk and have a good meal

Score: 14.5/20

Monday, May 09, 2005

Restaurant Saucier

Introduction: One of a bunch of slightly better than average restaurants on High St. Armadale

Ambience: Pleasing

Service: More pleasing

Food: Most pleasing! Entrees rather expensive and not outstanding. The Confit of Duck on a bed of parsnip mash excellent. Desserts also excellent

Wine: Adequate range by the glass Tamar PinotNoir very good $7.5 The $6 Sauvion blanc quite acceptable

Price: About $100 for two courses for two

Comments: Aspiring to fine dining

Second visit - The cigar smoked salmon trout on a bed of kipfler potatoes had a significant smoky taste Searerd but almost raw Excellent
Third visit: Once again the food was extremely good. Entree of tiny oysters the only poor note. Pork Belly delicious Barramundi fillet beautifully prepared. Pork loin also tops. Filet minion blue as requested but had rested so long I suspect rigor mortice was setting in. The accompanying marrow, a piece of cold fat would not appeal to my dog. Unfortunately the service has deteriorated sadly. I did not appreciate the waitress addressing my wife, many years her senior, as "sweatheart" and having to wait TWO hours before the second course was simply unacceptable.
Score: 15/20 for food 12/20 for service

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Batch Espresso

Introduction: In the heart of 'coffee land' on Balaclava Rd St. Kilda

Food: This shopfront serves light meals 'toll 4.00 pm Omelettes are a specialty. Free range eggs only slightly dearer. The most expensive dish- Spinach potato hash topped with a poached egg ($12) is also full of baby guerkins may sound odd but tastes excellent. Eggs with herbs served with thick white toast could have had a little more salt but this is a minor criticism.
Coffee, 'The Right Stuff' from Coffee Supreme, had excellent taste and lacked bitterness
Score: For a coffee house 15.5/20