Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yet More Pic's from Vue Dec 08

Shannon Bennett seems to have had a burst of creativity perhaps stimulated by the vacuum extractor that he can now use to extract the essences of the products he uses. We enjoyed a Chef's menu which featured five quite different dishes to any we had previously eaten and lesser variations for the rest of the dinner.
This amuse bouche is an artisanal Sydney rock oyster, grown at Batemans Bay atop a seaweed broth covered with a pink grapefruit foam each element retaining it's individual flavour and the whole combining beautifully.

Marinated scallops with XO sauce on a bed of apple and wasabi sauce simply delicious was followed by an extraordinary dish - goose liver frozen pulverized in a thermomix the reduced to minus 37 degrees, served as a dome covered with mushrooms and very fresh Perigord truffles. A unique dish with the richest of pate flavour perfectly matched with the mushrooms and the truffles. It did have the most peculiar texture the pate beginning like dust in the mouth reconstructing itself into a rich pate as it absorbed moisture Yes that means saliva!
Virtually everything had been deconstructed to some degree. Perhaps the closest to a 'normal dish was the goose breast served with a farce and two balls of the dark goose meat rolled into a coating of crisp chopped nuts with a consomme

Score:Still the top of the list 19 /20


Anonymous said...

That looks amazing... and totally delicious! I'm jealous and hungry!

Anonymous said...

VdM is really really good but people complain about the price and it's not to everyones taste