Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Griffin (Vancouver) 12/2010

The Griffin is another bistro restaurant in the Vancouver Hotel.

They claim that here you will "discover exceptional Vancouver fine dining, .......(at the) Griffins Restaurant, the city’s most popular bistro, renowned for its fine dining, lavish buffets and dramatic décor, which are highlighted by arched windows overlooking the Vancouver Art Gallery."

We found only the last of these extravagant claims to be true, although we did not try most of what they offer.
We did have a seafood bisque

which was well stocked with sea food but, as with so many dishes here, far too salty. Half a glass of water helped though it made the soup a little cool. A risotto
was also over salted but bearable. There is a large display of desserts
and patrons could fill up their plates with whatever they liked. For the sweet toothed this was the best part of the dinner!
Score: Something like 13.25/20

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