Friday, November 09, 2012

Senor BBQ (Balaclava) 11/2012

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What is the opposite of refined? Rough, perhaps coarse or simply unrefined. What ever you like it is epitomized at Senor BBQ. This small shop front venue has two large tables for customers to 
share and a huge BBQ dominating the ground floor. 
A dark and scungy staircase leads to a quite pleasant room upstairs set up with a couple of tables.  
 The menu,
 eat in or take away is very small, 11 items on a scrap of yellow paper, with full grill specials only available on the weekend. We tried everything. Empanadas, meat or potato, ($5 for two), were in
a taste free zone desperately needing seasoning. 
Salads were also quite bland. We had  them all ($6 each), Russian, potato carrot and peas with a home made mayonnaise, Mixta, lettuce tomato and onion, a beetroot salad and Cous Cous which was the best of them.
 A side serve of soft indifferent chips ($4.50) had little to recommend it.
The BBQ chicken wings (three for $10) beef ribs ($12 or $16) and the chorizo were presented on a metal device containing hot coals and served with a green salad
and there was a jar of chimicherri on the table. Chimichurri is an Argentinean condiment for grilled meats. It is a mixture containing olives, parsley, garlic, oregano, red vinegar and sweet paprika occasionally including other ingredients such as thyme and cumin.  It has no chili in it and is quite mild. 
The ribs were substantial hunks of bone covered in a thick layer of very tough fatty meat which was surprisingly tasty. The very large chicken wings came from very mature chooks. Size was predominant feature here. Chorizo, unlike the other grills, was very spicy with plenty of chili for devotees. We did not stay for desserts.
Prices are very low, which is appropriate. At present they have no liquor licence and transactions are cash only. The waiters are Spanish speakers, young and enthusiastic. 
I don't see a great future for this place without substantial improvements.
Score 12/20

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