Friday, January 15, 2010

Alcron Restaurant (Prague) 01/10

This is the introduction to the Alcron from their website. Although the wall painting is more striking than stunning but the food was certainly stunning.

In the award-winning Alcron Restaurant, an intimate restaurant in art nouveau style,
right down to the cutlery,
with seating for only 24 people.
Guests can select from an extensive tasting menu featuring fresh fish & seafood prepared with creativity and flair by one of the best chefs in Prague, Roman Paulus.
From the stunning wall painting showing couples dancing before a backdrop of skyscapers; to the rich Art Deco details, especially the original fireplace door dating from 1932, when the hotel opened, the restaurant provides a unique and romantic atmosphere. The Alcron's famed gourmet cuisine, its splendid surroundings and gracious service, ensure a truly memorable evening.

The Alcron Restaurant has earned many awards since its opening in 2000. The Czech gourmet guide, Grand Restaurants 2009, listed the Alcron Restaurant in first place in the “Top 10 Best Restaurants” in the Czech Republic and was voted absolutely the best food. The economical daily EURO listed the Alcron in its guide EURO TOP 50 within TOP 10 of Prague’s restaurant in 2009.
Also, the Alcron Restaurant has received the Five Star Diamond Award for last four years (2003-2006) from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences in New York.

The table was set with a tray of four salts infused with mushroom, saffron, and I think, rhubarb and herbs. There were also two different butters, one herb and one plain, and oil.
We had the chefs tasting menu which offers a series of choices but begins with an elaborate and substantial amuse bouche.
This was followed by a beautifully prepared foie gras poached in port wine and cider with grilled brioche and peach.
Lobster bisque with artichokes tortellini came next. The artichoke tortellini was nothing special but the bisque was superb.
Scampi tails in black tempura on saffron creme fraiche
does not look great in this photo but was a great dish of contrasting colour, textures and well matched tastes. Simply wonderful.
Pan-fried parrot fish served over shimei mushrooms and soya herb tea
was yet one more dish of well matched delicate tastes.
The next was another piece of art on a plate which tasted as good as it looked.
A surprise followed a liquid nitrogen parfait palate cleanser frozen at the table.

This left my mouth a bit numb for the next course which was pan-fried parrot fish
served over shimei mushrooms and soya herb tea
There was a wide seletion of international cheeses
with condiments and pecan nut bread from which we could choose freely.
The last courses were a Jasmine rice pudding with bourbon vanilla and cinnamon ice cream
and a deliciously rich Manjari Valrhona chocolate mousse with green apple jelly

It greatly surprised us to find such an outstanding restaurant in the Radisson Hotel in Prague.
Every aspect of the dinner was of the highest standard. The room is not overcrowded, a quiet and very sophisticated space, thickly carpeted and expressing quality everywhere. The service was impeccable, the menu interesting, and varied with many choices, and the dishes attractive, tasty and tasteful. We drank the matched wines which were extremely pleasant, and fitting,making it much easier than trying to find a wine to go with the meal. In all a first class experience.

Score: 18/20


John Salisbury said...

Great photos.
Food looks very modern and impressive.

Is the chef German?

How much did they charge?

kind regards Jproohn

Elliot and Sandra said...

Hi John
It certainly is very modern food and very well prepared and presented.
Despite his distinctly Roman name, excuse the pun, I am not sure but think Paulus is Austrian. He also has an very excellent sous chef who is Sri Lankan.
The meal was 1890CZK which is about A$115 - less than half what it would be at Vue de Monde and less than a third of the cost of top NY venues. Wines were very much cheaper than USA or top Australian restaurants

John Salisbury said...

We would love to eat there at such modest prices.

Love reading your reviews and assorted articles Elliot

Elliot and Sandra said...

Hi John
We are always delighted to get input and especially when we read that people like the stuff we write. I have to mention here that Sandra has a big part in commenting and discussing what we will write but my typing etc is disgraceful and Some how my computer sometimes does some strange things with the fonts.
The former Eastern European countries that have not yet changed to Euro,s are exceptionally affordable at present and they do have some really superb restaurants. You only have to get there! unfortunately I don't think it will last very long. In the meantime we're doing our best to get to as many interesting and good restaurants as we can.

John Salisbury said...

Loving your stuff

John and Wendy

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