Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nobu (Midtown Manhattan) 01/10

We've been twice to Nobu in the last few days. Architecturally and food-wise it is one of the most interesting restaurants in New York. Effectively in three sections, a ground level bar with cafe style

seating and up a large staircase, lined with Saki casks,
a huge noisy, stone floored room with an open kitchen along one side
and a smaller, much quieter, carpeted area incompletely separated by attractive dividers. These are mimicked below an attractive silver grey patterned material covered ceiling. Tables are large, plain wood, furnished with chop sticks, small stone rests and white cloth napkins.
The wall decor is simple with candles set on, probably fake, driftwood.
The menu is similar to Nobu in Melbourne but the food was different. We tried several appetizers which were all both attractive and tasty. A miso soup with tofu and mushrooms was really good
as was a raw tuna dishy. This blue fin tuna, from the belly,
had a finer texture and a more delicate flesh than the yellow fin we get in Australia. A bean dish, one only eats the bean and not the pod, was very moorish.
Black cod fish is served either with a reduced very rich black sauce, and green chilis or marinated in a sweet miso sauce, both about $24. both are served with nothing but a recommendation - The fish itself was a good sized almost boneless, fillet. The texture was delicate but it held together so that it could be readily flaked, a delectable main course. A shrimp salad,
I think they called it prawn salad, was pleasant enough in a light pink creamy mayonnaise sauce but nothing special. They also offer a sushi meal, a sushimi meal
or a tempura meal. This comes with a serve of lettuce salad, call it arugula if you like, with a nice light vinaigrette dressing and a miso soup.
Sandra had the tempura. The batter was far to heavy seriously deteriorating from the dish.

We drank hot Saki, which I am growing to like more each time I have it.

Service was very attentive after we clarified what information we expected. In all definitely a fine dining experience.

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