Monday, December 02, 2013

Rolld Vietnamese Street Food (Melbourne CBD) 11/2013

 Madam Brussels Lane, adjacent to 50 Lonsdale St., gets it's name from a Melbourne brothel owner, Madame Brussels, who owned eight high-class brothels in the late 1800's. 
Today it is a busy pedestrian mall filled with small cafe/restaurants and retail outlets. 
In the middle of them Rolld has launched a tiny kitchen selling Vietnamese Street food.
As a publicity promotion they spent a day last week giving away B's, 100's of them. The B is a traditional noodle salad served with either chicken, beef, pork spring rolls, roast pork with crackling or tofu vegetarian spring rolls topped with a Vietnamese salad. They normally sell them for $8.90 or $9.90 and they taste fantastic.
They have a small menu which you can see, illustrated, at their web site:
If you're in the area I'd recommend it.

 Score:13 /20


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