Friday, December 14, 2007

Borsch Vodka & Tears

This Vodka bar/cafe/restaurant at 173 Chapel St, Prahran has about 90 different varieties of infused and straight vodkas which are served ice cold in small shot glasses. Priced from $6 to about $9.
Their "Modern Polish Cuisine" is a mixture of Polish, Russian and Hungarian dishes but who cares - they are very good.
Moderately priced entree's may be served as mains
Bigos - pardon the spelling a cabbage and smoked meat entree
Gnochi with porchini mushrooms really fine and soft I haven't had betterPork loin with cabbage and mashed potato - super the dish made specially tasty by the addition of sweet pickled Polish style cucumber We also enjoyed the pirogi though I found them a little bland
Very busy very noisy specially on Wednesday nights when there are a couple of fellows belting out a variety of old favourites on a guitar and violin

Comments A fun place if you can stand the racket with very good food and lots of vodka too!
Score: 14.75/20


Cindy said...

I love to visit this place in winter - the pierogi are fantastic!

Elliot and Sandra said...

It is definitely a winter menu - I have no idea if they ever change it for summer but, since it was december when we went there, I guess not!

Ricky Rogers said...

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