Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chez Panisse - Berkeley

Introduction One of the most famous restaurants in America. First opened in 1971, with a degustation menu that changed daily, depending on the availability of produce, by the
Queen of organic, Alice Waters, Chez Panisse established it's reputation on both the quality of the produce used and the excellence of the cooking and for the last 35 years has managed to continue to provide most excellent quality food for its patrons
Situated at 1513 Shatuck in Berkeley about 1/2 to one hour out of San Francisco, depending on traffic, it occupies an unobtrusive building. Currently it has an upstairs a la carte cafe and a downstairs restaurant serving different degustation menus each day.
We enjoyed a wonderful meal the menu being as follows: After an aperitif based on Prosecco, bourbon the first course was roasted gillnet caught monkfish with lentils and wild mushroom's. Tasting like tender lobster this exquisite fish went very very well with its accompanimentsTwo things I normally abhor squash and chestnut combined beautifully in ravioli in a broth improved by the addition of fried rosemaryThe grilled Paine Farm squab with a jus lightly flavoured with star anise and finely chopped quince accompanied by roast potato, new onions, savoy cabbage and kale the finest squab I've ever eaten and I've eaten plenty. The jus was brilliant and the squab unbelievably tender and enhanced by the slightly gamey taste.Three French cheeses unavailable in Australia with walnut bread might not be good for you but they were mouthwatering good and oh so moorishThe Huckleberry ice cream profiteroles with candied ginger provided a smooth sweet but slightly tart end to the meal We enjoyed a bottle of Navarro Vineyard 2006 Pinot Gris at only $39 made at the nearby Anderson Valley Prices vary according to the day and the time. Maximum is Sat. night at US$85 tax 8 3/4% +17% service charge Cheese platter $15 and drinks extra Total $140/head including one pre dinner pear cider
Comments Nothing more needs to be said
Score:18 /20


Anonymous said...

I will probably never go to this hallowed turf Elliot so thanks for sharing your experience. It sounds amazing.

Elliot and Sandra said...

Royalty in the kitchen never gets there by anything but excellence.
My advice Never say never