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Some Dinners on Silver Wind

Pic's will have to wait 'till we get off this cruise Sorry.
December 23rd La Terrazza
The following night was “Lobster” night at La Terrazza and once again we enjoyed both outstanding food and service. After antipasti we had the chef’s suggestions
Italian pancakes stuffed with sauteed seafood and caviar an extremely delicate dish

This was followed by linguine pasta with lobster, egg yolk, tomato sauce and ground almonds. The sauce was mild and blended beautifully so that no taste dominated this most excellent dish.

The main course a small lobster tail split and grilled with fresh Italian greens was delicate sweet and tender

A black and white chocolate mousse with a sweet Italian Muscat as dessert wine completed this very excellent meal.
The western oriented breakfast buffet at this restaurant offers a wide range of cold delights, hot dishes, made to order omelets and desserts – extremely satisfying. The buffet style lunches have not been impressive.
Watery and undistinguished soups, incompletely cooked egg plant and indifferent Caesar salad surprise.

Dinner December 24, 2007
Described as Ligurian regional food it was difficult to determine just what that meant. Regardless it was a typical Italian meal.
I had a carpaccio of octopus which as very bland but made into a better dish with Arugula lettuce, lemon and extra virgin olive oil. Much more tasty was the gratinated wild mushroom tartlet
For Primi the gnocchi with pesto were the finest quality as were the pan fried home made ravioli with sage butter and sprinkled with parmesan
Secondi of brised veal shank (osso bucco) had been marinated for two days before being slow cooked at 90 degrees for 6 hours. Served with a superb gremolata it was a top dish
The blue fin tuna, served raw at our request, was disappointing, being somewhat fibrous.
After an introductory glass of prosecco and a taste of the rather bitter Tuscan Chardonnay Albizzia we went on to thoroughly enjoy a Tuscan (Frescobaldi) 2005 Chianti Castligione and a shot of Grappa to finish . In all a very nice meal of no particular distinction – say 14/20

Dinner December 27th at SALETTA
Described as The Best of Burgundy this 5 course degustation menu began with “A Bite-size Taste of Burgundy” five amuse bouche which included an interesting onion soup, a small stuffed cake, three little cheese sticks and a crisp pastry covered triangle of shredded duck as well as the lovely foie gras coronet mentioned on the 25th accompanied by the 1998 Cuvee Louis , Pommery. Wine Spectator rates a 1998 Pommery brut at 89 and I wonder if this is the same wine.
A rather dry Chablis Grand Cru Grenouilles, Champy, 2003 followed with the breaded frogs legs with garlic parsley butter and Charlotte potato cream. These legs had been snap frozen and retained a moist and delicate flavour.
The whole roasted Bresse chicken with morel mushrooms had a taste and texture that is different from the Australian chickens. The meat is firm but moist and the taste suggests it has been running around the forest rather than a cage ever so slightly gamey.
The Batard-Montrachet Moillard Cote de Beaune 2004 was wasted on me.
The next wine the last I could really remember(!) was a lovely lighter style Latricieres-Chambertin, Cote de Nuits Domaine Drouhin-Laroze, 2004which went very well with the Burgundy Cheese Brioche with fresh grape coulis
The dessert of Dijon style mulled pear with home made spice bread ice cream completed the meal with a St. Amour Domaine Barbelet, 2004 and a rather befuddled diner could just about remember the pleasant fumes of a Vieux Marc de Bourgogne, Roulot with our coffee and regional delights – armangac soaked prunes and a dark nut chocolate.

Dinner at La Terrazza December 28, 2007

Described as ‘La Cucina Molisana’ an area of Italy more or less opposite Rome we began with the crispy fried King Scallop with herb salad and chunky tomato dressing. The scallops were excellent and delicate not enhanced by the salad herbs which were strongly independent. The deep fried lemon ravioli stuffed with prosciuto, ricotta and scarmoza cheese were surprisingly bland – the only prominent taste being the cheese.
For Primi the black truffle risotto had been enhanced with truffle oil giving it a wonderful aroma. The super fino Arborio rice was a smaller grain than I expected but tasted great
For Secondi the stuffed baby squid came with a sort of baby brussel sprout soufflé (which was much appreciated) and with no mention of the absent, advertised, tomato fondue
The lamb stew with red and yellow peppers was a good stew with an abundance of potato
Throughout the meal we enjoyed the fruity aroma of the medium bodied Negroamaro, Masseria Altemura Salento, IGT, Puglia, 2004. I found the tannins unobtrusive leaving a very pleasant finish
In all another consistently good meal

Dinner Open seating restaurant December 29th 2007
Another Italian menu with a reasonable choice of Appetizers, ‘Intermezzo’ and Entrees.
The marinated seafood with extfa virgin olive oil (EVOO in future reviews), lemon juice and parsley was a sweet mouthful and the pan fried gnocchi with sage butter sprinkled with parmesan were as delicate and good tasting as possible.
The minestrone with pesto was satisfying and the home made herb and ricotta ravioli, which turned out to be one raviolo!, was very good with the accompanying walnut sauce
For entrée the herb crusted rack of lamb with tomato gattin, roast garlic and yoghurt dressing sweet tender meat cooked exactly as requested.
We drank Chianti Ruffina D.C.O.G., Nipozzano Riserva, Frescobaldi, Tuscany 2003 –a smooth full red with great bouquet, balanced tannins and gentle finish.
A Sandeman Ruby port was pleasant with the cheese selection
9 Gouda, Appenzeller, Gorgonzola, Real Capri and
Puerto Octay)
Finally a Lemon liqueur flavoured mousse with orane coulis and a Marsala wine sabayon with chocolate ice cream completed another better than a average meal
Score 14/20

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