Saturday, August 18, 2007

Editors comment

When I started this blog about 2 and 1/2 years ago, it was with the idea that it would provide me with an aide memoire of the many restaurants that I go to. It would act as a record and a diary.
It soon changed.
I began to feel that there was something missing from food journalism as represented in our daily newspapers and food magazines. There were a relatively few people who had become , I'd like to say, because I just thought of it, the gurus of gluttony. The rest of us, you and me, never get a look in. What's more the opinions I was reading were quite often well wide of what I and my friends thought but there was never any opportunity to say so, so God bless the internet. It's not that the food press is all that bad but it's off a very narrow base and the central characters have barely changed in 10 years
The next stage was for me to not only write my reviews but also to invite opinions, and reviews from any one who might care to make an offering.
As with the other blogs that I've come across there is no commercial aspect to this it's just for information and fun. It would be great to get some more input from you all
Now who knows what those who read these blogs are really interested in. That's a question that I'd love answered because I would be delighted to tailor my blog to make it more appealing and at the same time, hopefully, get a lot more views about a lot more restaurants.
How about it

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