Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Maggie Beers Pheasant Farm

Introduction: On Pheasant Farm Rd an hour out of Adelaide in the vicinity of Tanunda - an attractive country town.
Ambience: Set on a very green river with a few ducks about, pheasants in the garden. A real country kitchen
Service: Counter service
Food: They had a pheasant and mushroom pie (called a terrine here) which was a very nice snack. Also available several picnic boxes - a chicken liver pate with caramelised onion, a capsicum pate served with a freekah (wheat) salad which all were snacks rather than meals but very tasty. There are also a small range of exclusive home made icecreams.
Wine: They have Beer Bros wines either by the glass or bottle but I did not care for their Reisling, their Semillon/Chardonnay or their Cab Sav Shiraz!
Comment: Really this is a place to come and taste and buy a wide range of Maggie's products. They have pate's pastes jams wines and more and it would be a rare customer who did not find something to please their palate
Price: Picnic box $12.5 Terrine $15 Wine About $6/glass
Score: 14/20 as a farm shop but don't go for a meal

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