Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tevere Manhattan

Sister, or brother, of Va Bene this restaurant at 1589 3rd Ave, near 84th St., established by a Roman Jewish family, produces excellent glatt/kosher Italian meals. Regarded as a bit expensive I'm getting used to it after a week of adding 8+% tax and then 18% tip to what starts off as pretty reasonable priced dishes. A plate of pasta which I paid an outrageous $11 for 20 years ago now ends up at about $26.50 translated to A$ that's about $30 - expensive but hardly crippling.
One bit of advice if you eat in an ethnic restaurant order what they do best. If you get out of their comfort zone you're likely to regret it.
This is a fairly sophisticated restaurant although the best dressed people in it (excluding my wife) were the waiters. The tables, set with white linen, are reasonably spaced, and conversaion is posible without straining.
The food is good and the serves good size.
We enjoyed a range of pasta dishes - fettuccini with mushrooms, ravioli and lasagna with a bottle of 2004 Bartenura Chianti and very tasty desserts - a Napoleon crisp layers of pastry with 'cream' not the ral thing of course, between each layer, apple pie and sorbet.
Price: Around $65/person
Comments With my growing experience of Manhattan kosher restaurants I can confidently say this is among the best of them
Score:14.25 /20

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