Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Plaza Mayor Buenos Aires

On a corner of Venezuala and San Jose Streets and opposite two other restaurants this bright establishment was recommeded by our concierge. Named after the main square of Madrid (I think) it is filled with Spanish decor and the menus open like a Spanish fan. That was the good part.
Menus available in English too.
We had a very expensive seafood salad for two A$23 which had been steamed until it had almost no taste left, servrd with a lemon, resting on some ancient lettuce with which you could carpet a hallway. The only good bit was the octopus which was incredibly tender. A request for butter was rejected they claim to have no butter. The bread was stale anyway. Oyster gratin no they don´t have that either. Mixed seafood, the dearest dish on the menu, not available. A glass of wine no you have to buy a bottle Oh well they were cheap enough from about A$7 upwards Fortunately the beer was OK.
The next two dishes made me wish I never left home
A `pollak stew´consisting of a couple of fillets of overcooked fish accompanied by two large roast potatoes and a mass of onion rings all floating in a sea of oil and a pink salmon, requested barely cooked with mash potato and roquefort dressing was so overcooked you could resole your shoes with it.
Comments The service was slow and unenthusiastic I couldn´t wait to get out of the place.
Score: 8/20

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