Monday, January 07, 2008

Golden Point - Buenos Aires

In the 900 block of Suipacha St, a street largely devoted to leather shops and factories in this area, we found this packed 2 story restaurant with a very inexpensive menu.

Bread, water or a soft drink, main and dessert for a flat 19 pesatos which is around A$7.50. It was a good solid meal. My chicken schnitzel was a large Maryland, crumbed and served with 1/2 a lemon and a mass of ceamy mashed potato.

The chicken oreganato had an olive oil oregano dressing and we had it with pumpkin mash.

Desserts were new to me. The flan was a custard with caramelised sugar and I had a whisky flavoured sweet shredded orange peel on a slice of cheese - I think!!

Good place to stop for a hungry shopper and a room full of Argentinians must know something
Score 13.5/20

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