Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Va Bene - Manahattan

At 1589 2nd Ave close to E 83rd St. this Italian Jewish restaurant serves a wide range of appetizers - soups, pizzas salads, pastas, fish dishes and desserts. No meat
The formerly dressed waiters were the best dressed people in the place which had a pleasant tone about it. Not too noisy and well spaced tables.
We started with a thin crust cheese pizza and a soup followed by a variety of pastas and desserts.
It went so fast only 2 slices were left when I got my camera out!

Everything was typical domestic Italian with large good solid serves at very reasonable prices.

Fettucini in cream sauceSpaghetti pommodoro

Above the special - pasta with salmon in a pink sauce ((tomato and cream)

Apple strudel Crepes with chocolate sauce
Excellent sorbet - Berry, lemon and mango
We skipped the wine
Price US$170 for fourof us
Comments Fair value in this fair city. Of course one can eat for a lot less

Score:13.25 /20

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