Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Marine Hotel (Brighton) 04/2013

Gastro pubs are a feature of the Melbourne dining scene. They vary enormously in quality of the food they serve and many hardly fit the designation. Some are under the aegis of leading chefs whilst others, no less popular are distinguished by sound cooking of basic dishes at reasonable prices. The Marine Hotel, on New Street is a place in the latter category.  Their lunches are exceptional value. A seniors lunch - two courses for $14.9 or a $16.9 lunch of a main and a glass of wine are hard to beat. Wine by the glass runs from $6.5 to about $8 and is good value too. Every night they have a cheap special advertised on a board at the entrance.

The dining area is considerable
with a large bar to one side and an open kitchen area where one can watch the chefs at work.

We tried the seniors lunch and found it very very good. Pumpkin, carrot and ginger soup was very good

BUT it comes without bread and a single small slice of toasted bread added $2 to the bill!  Here called Misc!

 The outstanding main is fish and chips. Two beer battered flat head fillets, a good serve of very good hand cut chips, a wedge of lemon,a nice  tartare sauce and a small salad, or seasonal vegetables is worth returning for again and again.

Chicken schnitzel was a thick breast of chicken which had been crumbed and cooked and then cut in half,

very obviously.
I don't know if you get the lot if you order it of the regular menu but it would have been easy for them to cut the breast before crumbing and cooking to look like you were not just getting a half! Never the less there is plenty to eat.
Chocolate cake with berries and cream was dessert of the day. Rich and full of calories but yummy if you are a chocoholic. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Unpretentious but solid no nonsense cooking in a clean and pleasing environment
 it is no surprise that they are always busy.
 Wait staff are exceptionally pleasant and welcoming although run off their feet at lunch time because there is no bar man so they have to organize and serve drinks as well as food.
Score:13 /20


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