Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Matsuzaka (South Caulfield) 05/13

 Some where below $55 Full Body Massage and unlimited entry to Dreamworld from $69.99 on the back of the receipts I get from Coles supermarkets there is an offer from Matsuzaka  for a free meal, naturally with some strings attached. Still it can give you up to $30 off your meal which is nice if the food is good. It's quite a big double room, simply furnished with a slightly sterile atmosphere. This, I thought, was the best bit of decor.
We were isolated from the bar area and, although the  attractive young waiters, mostly Japanese Uni students, were efficient and obliging we were often out of sight and perhaps out of mind. 
It's set up for teppanyaki, hot pot dishes are made at the table on portable small gas stoves , if I want to cook for myself I'd prefer to stay home, and the menu contains a fair range of dishes. 
The cooking is very much good standard suburban restaurant fare.
We ate a range of dishes including dumplings which were very good,
and vegetarian spring rolls, there wee five before I took this pic, which were pleasant.

Tempura prawns were fresh and had firm texture, originally there was another one of these on the plate too.

Seared salmon in a light terryaki sauce was unremarkable, certainly quite good and a reasonable size serve. 
Their udon soup was another satisfying dish.

Sliced tenderloin with mushrooms and vegetables was very nice the meat being particularly delicate and tasty.
Desserts were very ordinary 
with the exception of this construction which was filled with bean paste.
Whilst there was nothing spectacular about this meal it was very pleasant, good quality products, well prepared, served with enthusiasm. We thoroughly enjoyed it after they got the air conditioning working.
Score: 13.75/20

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