Monday, May 27, 2013

Rococo (St.Kilda) 05/2013


Acland St has been a tourist precinct for over 50 years allowing shops to trade on days and at times when others were forced to remain closed. It has always been known for it's cake shops and it still is but much has changed in the street.

Shops and restaurants which were there for decades, Cosmos, the Fairy Stork, Sherazade come to mind, have disappeared. So largely, have the old holocaust survivors who used to gather to shmooze daily at the coffee shops. Cafe's and coffee shops abound and spread out on to the footpaths every where.

The clients are younger now. They come with partners, with prams, young children and their dogs. Many have multiple pierced body parts and their tattoos are very different from the former patrons but there is a great atmosphere to the area.

Rococo is typical of the restaurants here now, although a bit bigger than most. 

There is the usual selection of entree's. Mediteranean style, they serve a particularly good bread

 with mixed dips for sharing. Choose four from a selection of eight. ($15).

Creamed artichoke, 



and fetta 

proved to be excellent and although they looked small, were quite filling.

Main courses are substantial. Prawn risotto had plenty of prawns in it and good taste although the risotto did not have the character and creaminess that distinguishes a well made risotto. ($28.5)


Spaghetti marinara was very good. Heaps of seafood, I was surprised it was 50 cents less than the risotto.

A duck risotto was served with a piece of duck on it rather than being shredded into the risotto.


Wine by the glass are from $9 to $15. A 2010 Heathcote Shiraz ($15) was very good, though a trifle expensive.

An honest cafe meal. I will be happy to come back again. Score 13.25/20

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