Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gao Feng (Caulfield) 08/2011

I cannot imagine anyone going out of their way to eat at this restaurant which has managed to survive for many years serving food not atypical of Melbourne Chinese food of the late 1950's. It is small with unmemorable decor, quite pleasant, with paper covered linen table cloths and paper serviettes.
The food is very ordinary. Won ton soup was about what one expects in a suburban restaurant.

Plenty of won tons and good stock. The pastry a little coarse but acceptable.
Sweet and sour prawns in batter

came with a watery liquid sauce with a little onion in it.
It was slightly vinegary and, although we have never seen a sauce like it, we were assured it was Cantonese style. The prawns had what tasted very much like a beer batter.
Eight treasure duck was something like a vegetable, sea food, meat and poultry combination dish in a heavy sauce.
A coarse dish but tasty.
Score 12.25/20

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