Thursday, January 21, 2016

Gion Dining (Singapore) 01/2016

Chef Sin Shi Ping.
This is a hallal Japanese restaurant attached to but a separate business from the Royal Plaza on Scotts. As such they do not serve any alcohol. Although I have developed a liking for sake I must say I did not miss it tonight.
This is a quiet restaurant though one noisy table can destroy the atmosphere at any time.
with well spaced large tables mostly in open cubicles. 
The staff from the manager, 

down, are brimming with a desire to be helpful.
Decor is simple.

They were not always alcohol free. This cabinet used to hold their wines.

They have both set dishes and an a la carte menu on an ipad. 
The accurately photographed dishes are named showing their price and can be ordered with the tap of key.Looking for variety we chose a selection of dishes
We started with a small bowl of very tasty custard.
 Delicate and quite delicious.
 Scallop sashimi sliced  thicker than usual I did not care for the texture of the tuna but the scallop was lovely
 Codfish with mayonnaise, a superb dish 
 Fried tofu, out of this world 
 Garlic rice - something new to us, an excellent version of fried rice
 Miso soup
 Beef cooked in butter. Brought to the table just cooked with the sweetish onion sauce still boiling, Another slightly sweet sauce that matched the meat perfectly.
 The most delicate eggplant you could ever want.
Tempura prawns in a super crisp batter.
Everything we ate was excellent. All the dishes with sauces were characterised by sweetness but this was not dominating but rather a supplement that made the dishes all the better. 
Score 15.5/20

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