Monday, January 18, 2016

Imperial Treasure (Singapore) 01/2016

Renowned for one dish above all others, Peking Duck, this restaurant provides dining in a formal area 

in the restaurant and also in a less formal open area outside the main dining area. 

We were happy to be in the less crowded and quite comfortable outside area. Tables are equally spacious, 
and service efficient but patient with our queries.
We started  with a maw soup and winter melon. This was only the second time we have had a maw soup and this was totally different to the last occasion. 

I enjoyed this looser version but preferred the one I had at Golden Dragon Palace, in Australia.
Peking duck was served exactly as it is served at Quanjude, that wonderful chain of Chinese Peking Duck restaurants which can also be enjoyed in Melbourne.
The roasted glazed duck is expertly carved by skilled chefs,
Served with slightly smaller and thicker pancakes than I would have liked 

the duck itself was magnificent, not quite as fatty as the Australian ducks, it was tender and tasty, served with the usual accoutrements.

For a little variation we also had a dish of braised greens- pea shoots in a light garlic sauce. A little like a firmer spinach.
A very very good meal.
Score: 16/20

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