Friday, December 27, 2013

Quanjude (Melbourne CBD) 12/2013

Lately we have been revisiting some of our old favourites. It seems nothing here has changed in the last year or so.. The floor manager, the setting, the service and the food have not changed at all. It remains a quiet, comfortable, attractive venue.
Apart from the duck they offer a regular Chinese a la carte menu.
San chao bau.


Peking Duck - the real deal, 

 roasted upright in special oven and then carved at the table
by specially trained Chinese chefs.
The skin and the breast are beautifully presented.
The paper thin pancakes were folded in half but opened easily to their full size.

 Duck soup, made from the left over bones, which are also offered.

Desserts Here we recommend a policy of look, don't  touch.
Tiramasu, rock hard, straight from the freezer. Whatever it was it should have been rechristened.
Banana fritter visually striking.

  Score:14.5 /20

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