Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hi R (Sarona Market, Tel Aviv) 12/2015

Sarona, an area of Tel Aviv, is known for it's very large covered market. Not like the usual market it is packed with small, and not so small, restaurants. It also has a sprinkling of expensive purveyors of organic foods, 
of kitchen shops,  ice cream and gelati shops
sweet shops, these are rounds of different halvas

olive shops, and more.
Still crowded at 10.00 pm 

we sat at a tiny table 

for a pho at Hi R
I think the ingredients were more or less what you get in a pho with minced beef. It looked more or less like a pho but that is where the likeness ended. It was too salty, the broth was all wrong as were the noodles. Bean sprouts were nice.
 Comments: A faux pho at about twice the price it would cost in Australia
Score: 12.75/20.

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