Sunday, January 15, 2017

Oyster House (Philadelphia) 01/2017

This is a barn of a place 
which is extremely popular, especially at their happy hour when they offer oysters at a dollar each, but only one sort, which is clearly not one of the expensive variety. They call it a 'Shuck a Buck' and obviously make up for any lack of profit by the sale of alcohol. Also, I think you can only get your oysters one at a time.
The decor is very simple with a large bar and quite a lot of seating at small basic tables. 
Reservations are only possible for large groups.
Walls are decorated with oyster or fish plates.

The menu, which fits easily on one page, is actually quite extensive. Apart from oysters they have a shrimp cocktail, half a chilled lobster and a selection of cold plates including shrimps, octopus, calamari, mussels, clams and soups, snapper turtle or chowder, as well as sides. Mains include sauteed flounder, grilled Bluefish, Maryland crab cakes, striped bass, Oh Burger and more. Wines at about $9 - 10 / glass are reasonable but unexceptional.
We started with a Manhattan clam chowder 
which proved to be much tastier than an indifferent lobster bisque we had, at nearly twice the price,
the previous night.
The menu offers 9 different oysters and two clams with prices from $1.5 to $3, most being $2.50.
We tried the lot and noted significant variation in taste but enjoyed them all. Starting at 6.00 o'clock the were: Chintoteague, Cape May Salt (and they were salty) Ross Cove, Wild Fire Island, Salt Pond, Plymouth Rock, Well FleetLittle Shemogue and Kushi whilst the clams were from Littleneck and Cherrystone.
We thoroughly enjoyed our meal here and would not hesitate to recommend it as a place to eat oysters. Their other dishes looked pretty good too and I would be happy to come for another meal.
Another happy customer!
Score: 13.75/20

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