Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Prime Rib (Philadelphia) 01/2017

It looks glossier than it used to with shiny black 'plastic' covered seating, white tablecloths, black serviettes. It presents as a sort of sophisticated glitz.
Supposedly among Philadelphia's very best steak restaurants The main change to the menu was nothing to do with the food, which seemed unchanged from what it was when we were here about 6 years ago. It was the prices. A 12 oz rib eye steak, bone on, is currently $62 A Bernaise sauce sir? Add $4. A side of mashed potato $10. Wine from $10 upwards. A jumbo crab cake appetiser, not very jumbo either, $20 or two for $39! With taxes and tips it's hard to have dinner for less than A$100 / person and that's being quite modest.
Never mind the price the food is important.
We started with soup. A lobster bisque ($14) proved very disappointing seriously lacking taste. 

French onion soup was better with a good cheese topping but not especially tasty. It's all about the preparation of the onions which were good without being excellent.

They claim to have the best jumbo crab cake around. Perhaps they do. There was plenty of crab and it was quite a delicate flavour but at $20 a pop it was not over impressive.

The ultimate test for a steakhouse has to be the steak. Sandra ordered the Filet Mignon ($39 I think) cooked blue. It was perfect. Tender, a decent size, totally beyond criticism.

Served with a little chard and horse radish we added a side of mashed potato ($10) which was smooth and creamy.
Score:13.75 /20

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