Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Woodland House (Prahran) 12/2018

Since Jaques Reymond sold his eponomous restaurant, renamed Woodland House a few years ago we've reviewed it three times see  with moderate to high praise. 
Neither the venue nor the format of the meal has changed but the food does. Last week we enjoyed the eight course degustation menu. You could have five courses, if you wished.and fortunately they did not insist that everyone should have the same menu.
The meal began with a variety of small bites
Local scallops, fermented chanterelle
Mussel and foie gras
Jerusalem artichoke fetta, Kombu tart, salted egg yolk
and spiced duck tongue with bamboo salt. 
Here, perhaps the thought of the eating a duck's tongue might have disturbed some patrons. If it did they were missing a treat. Each of these tidbits was a delight  and that was only the first course. 
Next we were served wild garlic, poached calamari, seaweed butter,

a wonderful combinations of flavours and textures. Grilled scampi, white asparagus, saltbush where the only bad thing was this photo!
Brioche buns 

accompanied the Murray cod, green almond, smoked oyster 
which was prettily presented. 
King Island wallaby, miso broad bean, pepperberry
 was colourful but rather bland.
Glazed Peckin duck, beetroot, horseradish

turned out to be my dish of the day. The flavours suited my palate. The sweetness of the beetroot blended perfectly. Duck l'orange couldn't be as good as this for me.
The Sher Wagyu fillet (How does one spell that word?), ginger mustard leaf XO 
a distinct Waghu flavour and was super tender but I prefer other cuts with a much higher fat content. Next came the desserts. A roasted white chocolate sandwich in a basket of flowers that they reminded me of my childhood.
Blueberry granita, elderflower, buffalo milk
was the last dish before we were presented with too many petit four.

We drank a Bindi Heathcote 2016 shiraz which was quite pleasant
I have enjoyed some very good meals lately and this was one of the very best. 
Score 17.5/20

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