Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Working Man's Club (Mildura) 04/2017

This club was established in 1895. Although ultimately it had the longest bar in Victoria, about 90 metres, because of a drought, the Murray was so low that, when it opened, no beer was available for almost six months! The club has a long history, intiimately related to Mildura. It has supported the city with donations at times of need and has been a centre of various notable activities. They still have an excellent billiard room. The great Walter Lindrum once played, and won, a competition here!
Their Bistro Cafe must seat well over 100 patrons. At 7.00 pm on Wednesday night it was very full, 
by 9.30 pm it was almost empty. People come, eat and leave, some to go to the adjacent area to 'invest ' in banks of poker machines.
It's run in the same way as many clubs and pubs.
There is an area to queue to order meals and pay, after leaving your table number, 

with a display case of cakes.
and a separate area for self serve salads and bread. 

There is a separate small bar where beverages are purchased. 
We ordered an anti pasti platter ($24.5) which was extremely large.
I would have liked more protein on the dish and both the eggplant and the peppers were very under seasoned.
They have a very large menu with an especially large menu for children. For my main course I chose lamb shanks which I find to be invariably well done in these sort of places.

 It was an excellent choice. A substantial serve with two large shanks and lots of root vegetables and tasty gravy. The shanks had been slow cooked to the point of perfection. If there is a problem with this dish it's that it's big enough for two!
Baked lamb chops with chips was on special.
 Comments: Just what I expect from a club/ bistro cafe
 Score: 13.5/20

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