Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Brooks Bros (Melbourne CBD) 03/2015

It's a while since we have written anything here a we have so much, excuse the pun, on our plate just now. We revisited Brooks from which one of our favourite chefs  Nicholas Poelart, has now departed. The food is different but it is still seriously good. Prices are at the upper edge of the range with a couple of special dishes like Grade 9+ Waghu at $125. 
You can see it in their display case and it is obviously the real deal. I saw it at $250 a Kg in Malvern Rd. last week if you feel like making it at home!
Desserts are another high point.

 Service is notably good under the supervision of Brian Lloyd, who worked with Shannon Bennett for many years at Vue de Monde and at the Point with Scot Pickett.
Score:15 /20

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