Sunday, March 09, 2008

Oggi Enoteca

The multitude of restaurants, bistro, enotecas and cafes crowded along the strip on Lygon St, Carlton can readily be defined as upmarket (a few) mid-market, (the majority) and down market (quite a lot). For me Oggi at, 237 falls clearly at the lower end of down market.
The pavement seating at small tables covered with cheap cupboard liner are the most unprepossessing on the street and inside tables are little more appealing. Perhaps the most attractive feature of the place is the blackboard displaying the specials, for lunch in this instance, all for $15 with a glass of wine. The best that can be said of the meal is that the serves are large.
The wines a Chardonnay or a Pinot Noir were just drinkable
The linguine marinara were liberally spiced with too much pepper and the salmon patties needed a magnifying glass to find the salmon in the mashed potato. I lashed out for an extra $10 and had the farmed rabbit cacciatore with olives, capsicum and tomato.
Whilst the olives were there there was a miniscule amount of tomato and capsicum. There was, however, an extremely large serve of boiled potato and sliced carrot. The sauce became very gluggy as it cooled but it was quite tasty and the rabbit tender and not at all dry. We didn't consider a dessert
Comments: You get what you pay for but at least here you get plenty of it
Score: 12/20


rollercoaster said...

why not check out a real enoteca further up the road (closer to Brunswick) at Enoteca Vino Bar : honest italian food.

Elliot and Sandra said...

Next time I'm in the area I will!