Monday, June 06, 2016

Mandarin Palace (Burnie, Tasmania) 05/2016

Recommended as the best Chinese restaurant in Burnie I was concerned as I walked up the very dirty carpeted staircase as to the possibilities of good food being possible here. 
The décor is typical Chinese themed 

with a substantial bar beside the entrance.

Tables are set with a fork and spoon. My first course was served by a pleasant attractive waitress who was clearly keen to please.
I was eating alone and thought steamed dim sims would be good while I considered the menu. I was wrong. The were three large meatballs, two without pastry and all more Italian than Chinese.

Beef in black bean sauce was a better choice. Quite tasty but the meat was very tough. 
Vegetable chow mien presented the most coarsely chopped vegetables I have ever seen. 

The dish tasted OK, not particularly good or bad, but so inelegant.
Fried rice was dry and a taste free zone. 
Score:12.25 /20

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