Monday, June 13, 2016

Baltimore (Burnie NW Tasmania) 06/2016

I would not have found this place in an old train station on the edge of Burnie but for the recommendation of a young waitress at Mandarin Court when I asked about a French style European restaurant.

The train is no longer used for dining but the restaurant is decorated partly in a manner reminiscent of a railway dining car. 

The other half of the venue is like any regular restaurant 

with a bar at the far end.

I think my adviser was struck by the knowledge that they had snails on the menu. Of course I ordered them. 

The came in pairs in crumbed batter. Nicely spiced and seasoned they were excellent.
There was an attractive choice of mains 

and I settled for the Kassler. This is a lightly cured (salted) and lightly smoked cut of pork usually neck or loin, often served with sauerkraut. (Apologies for the photo's - they do not do the place or the food justice)

It was an excellent, quite substantial dish, the pork thick and moist with a nice glaze and just cooked accompanying vegetables. A good example of very sound cooking.
My waitress, the owner and wife of the chef, easily talked me into a chocolate, caramel panacotta which was also very good. 

A little more expensive and a lot better than any where else I went to in the area.
Score: 16/20

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