Thursday, October 11, 2012

Potsticker (Caulfield) 10/2012

Congratulations to Potsticker on reaching there first anniversary at tyhis site which has proved the undoing of many previous restaurants. They have maintained a decent menu of good food and the venue remains as attractive as ever. Neat white clothed tables, 
the elevated indoor decorative pool and good space have not changed. I drank an fairly ordinary hot saki which was set on the tasble in a caraffe which sat in a bowl of water over a candle to keep it hot. A won ton soup was disappointing as the dumplings were hard. We enjoyed a seafood san chao bau which was delicately flavoured with just a dash of sweet sauce 

followed by a sweet and sour plate of prawns in batter. The sauce was well balanced without being either too sweet nor too acidic and was of a good consistency. The prawns were fresh and firm fleshed.
An attractively presented Cantonese beef was pleasing without special distinction. The meat was quite tender and very tasty.
A mango mousse with an apricot tortellini was delicious. 
Score: 13.75/20/20


Unknown said...

I haven't actually been to this place but I did bump into their owner Eric on the streets and told me he opened this joint. He was working in Sung's Kitchen (which is still excellent) and also another place in-between.

This guy knows how to run a shop from a managerial level!! Have known him for years - glad to hear it was decent : ) I even met his sister-in-law in HK lately, works in the prestigious Langham Place Hotel here !! If you see him next time pls do tell him that. Though he doesn't know I blog :D

Elliot and Sandra said...

I think Eric sold Cina about 4 years ago and got itchy fingers to get back into the restaurant business. It's not easy and he has taken over a place in an extremely difficult area. Fortunately Melbournians continue to love Chinese cuisine and he is a cut above the average. I'll pass on your regards when next I see him.