Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mr Wolf (St.Kilda) 09

I'm not used to dining alone. It's a little uncomfortable at first. I've got a few weeks to get used to it. Listening to conversations nearby, trying to look at ease, staring at the walls, the menu, the passers by, whatever.
Unfortunately it is not delicacy that prevents me reporting the conversations I heard - they just weren't interesting. Unfortunately neither was the food. Mr.W occupies two large shop fronts and seats about 50 on not very comfortable chairs at very plain bare tables. Dimly lit it was near full on the night I was there. Never the less service was prompt, friendly and informative.
They have antipasti, a heap of fancy pizza's and a few not pizza dishes including some pasta and a few desserts. There are a small range of wines and a larger range of cocktails available. I opted for a Spanish red ($10) and the 'wet dish' the days special- lamb shanks yep there really were two good sized shanks.

Served with pumpkin, parsnip, carrot and potato and bread to mop up the heavy rich sauce it's a man size meal. The meat was falling off the bone tender, the vegetables thoroughly stewed. It is a good solid farmers dinner, honest and unpretentious - just like home cooking.

They provide special meals for the 'bambini' and also supply crayons and paper.
Incidently, Mr.W is one of very few restaurants to appear in both the Age Good Food Guide and Cheapeats. Too bad it's not in the Entertainment book!
To be fair to them I will have to at least try one of their much admired thin crust pizzas but for now-
Score: 12.75/20
Cut into four ("Cut it into four I don't thnk I could eat eight" Yogi Bera) this is the Diavolo ($18.5 takeaway) olives, cheese, anchovy, tomato, chili ever so slightly burnt on one edge it's a nice pizza but not good enough to change my opinion.

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