Sunday, December 07, 2014

Tommy Ruff Elsternwick) 11/2014


Tommy Ruff is a very popular fish and chip eat in or take away cafe. The fish theme is overwhelming and, symptomatic of the place. There are fish symbols everywhere.
The water jugs.

 The glasses

The bare tabletops

On the walls

And, in case you've forgotten where you are there are a few reminders

Decor is basic with a wall of pic's the significance of which escaped me,
and a blackboard of specials

They don't wrap the fish in newspaper but serve it up on photocopies of a montage of newspaper clippings related to fish and chip and cafes.

Apart from fish and chips, which may be baked or battered they have a fairly extensive menu including a chowder
which my friends particularly like, and a range of salads
and sweets on display.

The food is quite reasonable and inexpensive but I did not care for the atmosphere. The chairs are uncomfortable and, as with most popular and busy places, the noise level made conversation difficult.
 Score:13.5 /20

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