Monday, December 29, 2014

En Izakaya (Balaclava) 12/2014

Although we have not mentioned this restaurant for nearly six years we have been not infrequent visitors, The decor is simple, unostentatious and unchanged
 It was a spur of the moment decision to drop in tonight and we were fortunate that they were open, being Monday. Only in December do they open on a Monday.
They have a regular menu and a number of specials written up on a glass panel, 
Not too many there and they are entree size so we decided to eat through that menu with the exception of the chicken dish which has chili in it.
Our first course, Hokado slightly seared scallops and Negri sushimi was an attractive, small, delicate dish with a small tower of lightly pickled ginger, a  potent cone of wasabi and alight soy dipping sauce, We both loved it 
Next came a cold dish, thin sliced, grade 9 wagu on a block of the finest silken tofu topped with sour cabbage and a slice of garlic. I did not find the waghu impressive on this but the complete dish was excellent particularly because of the outstanding tofu.

This was followed by a serve of beef dumplings covered with sticky rice, Totally delicious.

Our last course was a Japanese pancake with mushrooms, scallop and prawns. A remarkably well combined variety of tastes and textures..

En Izakaya has deservedly survived in a very testing environment. We certainly hope they flourish in 2015 and look forward to returning.
Score: 13.75/20

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