Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Introduction: This bistro/restaurant in Federation Square has some assocciation with Jaques Reymond
Ambience: Warm and friendly.

Service: efficient without being hurried

Food: Nothing to write home about. Everything is OK even quite good but nothing is special. The fishn beer batter is frozen (Hake) The pork belly, the rissotto and the pasta pretty ordinary despite the somewhat fancy descriptions on the menu. Their Burger is substantial, as it should be for $17. Mains run from $17 to $26 with desserts around $10.

Wine: The 2003 wine I ordered turned out to be 2004 which the waitress failed to note. The 2003 being not available we tried a Red Hill Pinot Noir which was corked. The replacement from Tamar (Devils Ridge was just passable but not cheap at $36 and that was about the cheapest wine on the menu!

Price: There is a lot better value around for about that price

Comments: Regretably the name may be there but Jaques Reymond's magic is not

Score: 13/20

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