Thursday, December 13, 2018

Da Noi (South Yarra) 12/2018

Hard to believe that it is 12 years since we last ate here and it has remained fundamentally unchanged. At that time we had a five course Sardinian style meal with no menu. See
That's what you get today. Indeed there is so much variation that dishes might even vary from table to table. The narrow two story terrace, home of Da Noi, remains the same 
with a bit of odd decor.
The food used to be excellent and it still is. It had two AGFG hats at that time and only has one now but it's as good as it ever was with most of the ingredients sourced from their own farm.  
The just baked olive bread is too good - we have to be careful not to fill up on it! Wines are a bit expensive 
and almost all Italian.
Every dish was extremely good and left me wishing for more from the oysters.
Well only one, the mini salad, 
the seafood salad,
to the remarkable pasta, 
a feature of every meal. 
My apologies for the horrible photo's. I did not notice the camera was on the wrong setting.
The main course was Saddleback pork cutlet 
which was quite spicy so Sandra could not eat it. The happily and quickly replaced it with a serve of suckling pig 
which was superb.
The meal ended with a pleasant not too sweet dessert. 

It's a happy, noisy place. The wait staff were helpful, friendly and efficient. The food was very good and I'd recommend it anytime. 
Score 16.5/20

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