Sunday, January 11, 2009

New China House (Lititz) 09

Unlike Australia Chinese restaurants are not common in small American towns but I was pleased to stop by when I saw this one on highway 501. We tried a few traditional dishes - won ton soup,

a coarse but tasty large bowl with a couple of very large gluey won tons followed by a sweet and sour 'breaded' prawns.

This had very thick batter, a bit like a covering of a banana fritter and a sweet, gluggy sauce. The last dish we tried was a prawn chow mein.

Extremely unrefined but again reasonably tasty, the bean shoots and cabbage being overcooked. There was no sign of chop sticks and we didn't ask for them. This cafe style restaurant

gave me a sense of deja vu of my childhood experiences at suburban Chinese restaurants where steak and eggs was on the menu and there was no conception of haute cuisine. Score 11.5/20


Anonymous said...

My Husband and I were in Lititz, and thought we would try this restaurant since I LOVE Chinese food. My favorite being in Manheim, but we were right here, so how bad can it be?

IT WAS THE WORST FOOD I EVER ATE!!!!! I will NEVER eat here again. We ordered Take-Out on our way home, about 10 miles away. $28 worth of garbage that we through away, because it was not worth driving back for a refund. We had 4 different meals, and each one was horrible! Even the rice tasted funny.

If you stopped here for your first time eating Chinese, you would NEVER try these dishes again. I will now drive out of my way to China One in Manheim, and apologize to them for straying.

Sincerely - MMC, PA

Elliot and Sandra said...

A restaurant has to be really bad before it scores 11.5. Sorry you wasted your money there

Anonymous said...

I love this place!!!

Elliot and Sandra said...

Frankly I'm astonished that anyone, even the owners, could seriously love this place. A few miles down the road is a big shopping area in which there is quite a reasonable Chinese restaurant, Beijing Szechewan with a huge buffet at an very reasonable price. If you are in the area you might try them.