Friday, January 09, 2009

General Sutter Inn (Lititz) 09

Lititz, pronounced lit -its is a delightful historic little town on the edge of Amish country in Pennsylvania. Evidently something of a scam artist and snake oil salesman, after losing a fortune as a result of gold being found on his California property resulting in droves of people taking his land, the self titled General Sutter settled in Lititz and now has the best restaurant in town named after him. Most of the buildings along E Main St. are over a hundred years old and this is no exception. Decor is old eclectic but the food is standard American. I had the lobster bisque

which was better than what I had at Fred's in New York and the roast duckling which had been pre cooked and then roasted a little too long so the bird was dry though the skin was crisp and tasty. Served with lightly cooked green beans mash and a side salad

it was a substantial meal.
Score 13.5/20

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