Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stanley (New Orleans) 09

Opened only seven weeks ago Stanley, at the top of Jackson square, is destined to be a very popular venue for locals and tourists alike. Presided over by chef Scott Boswell, from Stella! with the enthusiastic assistance of team of young workers dedicated to the success of the place it has that other secret ingredient that makes for a strong client base - good food. he dearest item on the menu ($19) is the soft shell crab.
Served on a split toasted bun with a few slices of salami, two perfectly poached eggs and a creole Hollandaise sauce over the biggest soft shell crab I've ever seen it's a great lunch. Eggs Stanley ($14)
is similar with five rather heavily breaded oysters which had lost a lot of their juice in the cooking. I think a lighter tempura batter would have been much better.

Comments: Comfort food of a higher than usual order .
Scott Boswell with Sandra

Score:14 /20

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