Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Herbsaint (New Orleans) 09

Despite the devastation of Katrina, and there's plenty of evidence of it, and the exigencies of the stock market New Orleanians continue to eat out in large numbers and so do their tourists. Herbsaint, named after an absynthe like drink created by a Louisiana local, is a popular venue. The restaurant presents beautifully with its' butcher paper covered white table clothes, very clean look and big windows looking onto two streets. It has Creole influenced French/European food and is particularly known for house made pasta. We began with a pleasant offering from the chef - shredded duck on Creole mustard on a house made potato crisp,
the mustard was light and did not dominate, I had an appetizer of Frogs legs ($12).
Lightly battered, tender and succulent they were a pleasure. They have a daily gumbo ($7)
which we also had- pork today, only slightly hot with a little chilli, a dish I normally avoid, this was a very suitable winter soup. Their paparadelles with beef daub ($16), the dearest item on the menu, was another substantial winter dish. The paparadelles had excellent texture and taste. Another main, the meat loaf was also moist and soft tho' not outstanding. A side dish of onion rings ($5)
were cut fine and fried in a light batter. Not the usual coarse over battered stuff you get so often in comfort food restaurants. I enjoyed a Absynthe ($11)
served with the appropriate paraphernalia but I wish they had an old fashioned spoon for the sugar.Basically a good quality bistro restaurant. Modestly priced, I'd be happy to come back and try some of their other dishes.

Score: 14/20

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