Sunday, January 04, 2009

Prime Grill (Manhattan) 09

It was a pleasure to make this annual trip with my son and daughter in law and her father and brother and my new grand daughter.

The site of their wedding breakfast two years ago to the day! The place is unchanged. Possibly the best kosher restaurant in New York they serve a good variety of fish, meat and sushi. Everything is 'fleishige' no dairy products so there is olive oil or margarine, no butter and soy but no milk. We started with pasta - penne with duck ($28)

which was pleasant enough but nothing special, followed by seriously overpriced ($48) lightly seared 1/2 a Dover sole on tiny salad of braised Julienned carrot, zuccini and peppers

for my partner and a nice fillet of sea bass ($41) with two small vegetarian spring rolls on a small bed of spinach for me. Both very good dishes presented without pretensions. There was general satisfaction from everyone else with their overpriced reserve steak ($52),

the very reasonable chicken salad ($29)

a very substantial Bento box ($39) and California rolls ($12) With tea's coffee's and tax and about 17% service charge ($68+) it came to $80/ person for a very modest quality meal. For sentimental reasons we'll probably come back but if is the best kosher restaurant I'm surprised the yarmulke brigade haven't got better places. Score 13.5/20

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