Tuesday, November 30, 2010

iPhone app for Beer Lovers (30/11/2010)

This note arrived among my emails today.
We haven't tried to use it and post it without comment.
Blog readers might be interested in the latest app from Cascade. It's the quintessential beer-lovers free iPhone app, and more importantly, it's tailored to gastronauts with the potential to match food choices to specific beers! Imagine you're at a restaurant and want light beer to accompany your calamari dish before you get a bottle of red for the main, but you haven't heard of the beer on the menu. Simply type it into Cascade's Brewer's Nose and bring up the review.

The Cascade Brewer's Nose features tasting notes on over 500 Australian and international brews compiled by Tasmanian chef Rodney Dunn of the Agrarian Kitchen (not just Cascade!).

The application uses GPS technology to help beer-lovers search for their favourite stores, pubs and bars that stock Cascade as well as helping you keep tally of the brews that you've tried to date. It's a little like Foursquare for beer.

Users can keep track of the beers they've tried to date through the use of barcode technology - scanning a beer will bring up a review and add it to your log of beers.

We thought this kind of app might be of interest to your site as it is a great guide food and drink in Melbourne. One of the great features of this app is the potential to link specific brews to choice of food. For example, the app might recommend Sapporo as the best choice to accompany a fish dish.


Best of luck!


John Salisbury said...

Dear Elliot and Sandra ,following your reviews we will try to get to Kyneton...You two really get around!
Cascade only available with iPhone 4?

Elliot and Sandra said...

Hi, That was something of a community service announcement. I don't have an iPhone, tho' Sandra does, and neither of us generally drink beer. I imagine it works on ihone 3 too.
Kyneton is certainly worth a visit. We are going to try and explore more country towns next year.